Dr. Doohi Lee
Doohi Lee, M.D.

As Medical Director of Advanced Surgical Arts, Dr Lee combines various aspects of his training in Surgery, Radiology and Regenerative Medicine to enhance patient treatments and clinical outcomes from multi-factorial approach.

In the area of Musculoskeletal (MSK) Ultrasound, Dr Lee has taught internationally since 1990, and served as the first USA physician to introduce MSK Ultrasound to the Olympic Games in 1996. Working with NASA, Dr Lee was a part of the research team to teach Astronauts who were on board the International Space Station.

Dr Lee originated the concept of Sonoscopic Surgery, where ultrasound is used not only as a mere guidance tool, but as a surgical instrument. As in other minimally invasive surgical techniques, ultrasound becomes Sonoscope to visualize, guide, direct and monitor not only needles but also many types of surgical instruments for soft tissue surgery. Dr Lee and his colleagues are proud to offer courses to introduce physicians from multiple disciplines; to teach basic and advanced concepts of Sonoscopy while training them in multiple techniques of needle and instrument manipulations for soft tissue and joint procedures.

Dr. J Antonio Bouffard
J. Antonio Bouffard, M.D.

J. Antonio Bouffard MD, or Tony as his friends call him, is a Bone Radiologist embedded in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine at the Detroit Medical Center (DMC) in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. He is in charge of Orthopaedic and Sportsmedicine Ultrasound in the DMC Sports Medicine, which takes care of 2 professional sports teams: the Detroit Tigers (baseball); and, the Detroit Red Wings (ice hockey). They also care for some minor sports leagues, like the Detroit Derby Girls (roller derby) and Detroit Bucks (football-soccer). DMC Sports Medicine sees all athletic injuries, plus all musculoskeletal problems of the shoulders, elbows, knees and ankles of the general public. Hand and wrist complaints along with spine care are also part of the Sports Medicine expertise. Orthopaedic Surgery includes the subspecialties of: Trauma, Joint Replacement, Spine, Hand and Wrist, Pediatrics, Foot and Ankle, Oncology and Sports Medicine.

A year in private practice at the Holy Cross Hospital in Detroit was followed by over 2 decades working at the Henry Ford Hospital, first as a Radiology Director for the Northeast Clinics, and then as a Bone Radiologist in the Main Hospital. Finally in the DMC since 2010, he now practices Orthopaedic and Sportsmedicine Ultrasound exclusively. He also interprets correlative X-Rays MRI, CT and Nuclear Medicine. NASA (Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas), Olympics (United States Olympic Committee in Colorado Springs, Colorado), U.S PGA (Professional Golf Association) and Dr. James Andrews (Andrews Institute of Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics in Pensacola, Florida) retain him as a permanent consultant in Sportsmedicine Ultrasound and Orthopaedic Radiology.

His portfolio contains over one thousand invited lectures and work-shops, including abstracts and posters. He has over a dozen of peer-reviewed publications and book chapters. He has been featured in several video presentations by SonoWorld and other venues. He has been invited to lecture in 39 countries, as varied as Russia and Argentina. The RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) has twice asked him to be an International Visiting Professor overseas to Mexico and El Salvador. Rheumatologists from eular (European League Against Rheumatism), PANLAR (Pan-American League Against Rheumatism) and American College of Rheumatology regularly invite him to lecture and give workshops.

Doctor Bouffard has been included in the lecture programs of General Medicine, Family Practice, Paediatrics, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, General Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Podiatry, Regenerative Medicine, Spine, Spinal Pain and Pain Medicine. He got invited for many years by David Stoller, MD, to lecture in tandem with him in his Annual Orthopaedic MRI Course and in his RSNA Categorical Courses of the Shoulder.

Tony was awarded the Gold Medal for Radiology in Mexico, the Gold Medal by the Madrid Medical Society of Spain, a Visiting Professorship in the Faculty of Surgery and Medicine at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines, and Chair of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound in the Medical School of the Catholic University Saint Anthony in Murcia, Spain.

Doctor Bouffard is in a unique situation where he can employ his expertise in welding a seamless service between Orthopaedics and Ultrasound to benefit patients with a rapid, real-time, dynamic, portable, inexpensive, accurate and accessible diagnostic modality. He has the good fortune of teaching this technique to all interested parties who practice the Healing Arts of taking care of their patients burdened with locomotory problems. Orthopaedic sonography and Sportsmedicine ultrasound will always be featured intuitively as an integral armamentarium for those who take care of the Musculo Skeletal System.

Doctor Bouffard can be reached thru the website of the Detroit Medical Center: www.dmc.org